What Types of Injuries Qualify for Worker’s Compensation?

By September 20, 2020 No Comments

Before you can determine what types of injuries qualify for worker’s compensation, the injury has to meet proof that it was, indeed, connected to work (“arising out of employment and occurring during the course of employment”). There are a list of qualifications that the injury can fall under, most of which are common sense related to what and what isn’t considered “on the clock”.

Defining Occupational Illnesses

Generally speaking, worker’s compensation will cover illnesses or diseases that are developed as a result of the job itself. These can range from short-term issues to longer-term things that develop with prolonged exposure to hazardous materials. 

In any case, an employee will need strong medical proof that workplace exposure did cause the condition in question. In some states, first responders are granted special worker’s compensation conditions as their professions are deemed more stressful and dangerous than others. 

What Qualifies as a ‘Repetitive Motion or Overuse’ Injury?

Repetitive strain or stress injuries (RSIs) are becoming a more common issue in the workplace with longer hours and eroding safety standards. These longer-term conditions develop in a variety of professions, especially those with the same movement or strain used over and over. Although worker’s compensation will typically cover these conditions, it’s another situation where strong medical proof is required to verify the claim.

Does a Pre-Existing Condition Matter?

Pre-existing conditions don’t necessarily invalidate a claim for worker’s compensation. If a condition is aggravated by a workplace incident (like a back injury flareup or increase in severity of arthritis symptoms), then the new injury could be covered. However, some benefits might be limited, especially if prior treatment has been issued for the injury. 


It goes without saying that worker’s compensation can get very complicated, very quickly based on the incident and severity of the injury. If you’ve suffered an injury at work and are unsure if you’re getting the full worker’s compensation benefits owed to you, it’s time to speak with a qualified law firm that will listen to you with care and intent. Call the professional and compassionate worker’s compensation lawyers at Bevill & Bevill, LLC today at (205) 221-4646. We’ve been helping clients in northern Alabama for more than 20 years.