What Do Car Accident Attorneys Do?

By December 9, 2020 No Comments

Any car accident, whether minor or significant, can be a scary incident. The physical and emotional damage that can accompany an accident is just one of many things to consider and one of the reasons why car accident attorneys are available to help sort through the aftermath and determine the next steps. It’s one of the questions we’re asked most: what does an auto accident attorney actually do and how we do help our clients?

A Professional and Literate Communication Link

If you’ve suffered injuries of any kind, your primary focus should be on your recovery. If another party was at fault and you’re considering pursuing damages, you’re going to want a trusted personal injury attorney on your side to represent you as the case progresses. An auto accident attorney can communicate with the other driver(s’) insurance company, your healthcare providers and organize all of the pertinent information to establish your record of pain and suffering. 

Negotiating with Lien Holders

If you received benefits from a health, disability, or workers’ compensation insurer, the insurance company will have payment priority, known as a lien. This means that they will get paid before you do. A reliable attorney will work with the lienholder to get that lien reduced and more money back to you. 

Settlement Negotiation

Once you’ve established a case for compensation, there’s likely going to be plenty of back and forth between you and the at-fault party to determine a settlement amount. A good auto accident attorney will have experience in these negotiations and can represent your interests, especially if you’re still recovering from injuries. Any auto attorney worth his or her salt knows all of the tricks that an insurance company or an opposing attorney might use to get a settlement lowered and will see right through those.



For these reasons and more, plenty of northern Alabama clients have trusted Bevill & Bevill, LLC to represent them in post-auto accident personal injury suits. They’re the knowledgeable firm that will fight for every dollar entitled to you after an auto or motorcycle incident. Call 205-221-4646 to learn more.