Understanding the Benefits of Insurance Advocacy

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While it is a reasonable assumption that an insurance company will step in when needed, this is not always the case. In fact, it appears that insurance companies are increasingly denying coverage to clients without a clear explanation. In many cases, you may try to communicate with someone from the insurance company, only to receive confusing answers that still don’t lead to you receiving the compensation you are owed. If you are battling with any type of insurer who is denying your claim, working with a knowledgeable insurance advocacy attorney can be incredibly useful. As an insurance advocate, your attorney will examine the details of your situation and develop the most effective strategy for helping you receive the benefits you deserve. Let’s take a closer look at the insurance advocacy process and how it aims to empower those who are struggling with unresponsive insurance companies.

Bringing Clarity to Complex Insurance Statements

Bills and statements from insurance companies are often difficult to read, and they rarely include useful information. Costs may appear to be randomly generated, with no clear explanations accompanying these figures to help you understand how the costs were calculated. One way that an insurance advocacy attorney can help you is to take a look at your statements from your insurer and shed some light on what they actually say. From there, you can discuss whether these charges seem unfair, and your attorney can determine a strategic plan for contacting the insurance carrier and requesting that they pay you the amount you are requesting.

Handling Communication With a Reluctant Insurer

Perhaps the most valuable way an insurance advocacy lawyer can help you is to take over all communication with the insurance company that is refusing to honor your claim. Insurers often know how long and frustrating the insurance claims process can be for people to navigate on their own, and they rely on claimants becoming too tired and overwhelmed by the process and giving up on their claims, ultimately saving the insurer money. Don’t let these stubborn companies intimidate you—contact a skilled insurance advocacy attorney who understands the tactics that insurers use to avoid paying claimants  and who can fight back using time-tested and effective strategies. Save yourself the time and stress of spending long hours on the phone with representatives who still won’t listen to you. While you focus on the other important aspects of your life, your insurance advocacy attorney will work hard to ensure that you receive your hard-earned benefits.

Addressing All Types of Insurance Matters

There are many reasons for pursuing an insurance claim. Maybe you don’t understand why your medical insurance is no longer covering your medication. Perhaps the recent heavy rain damaged your home in some way, and you are asking your insurer for the funds to help you repair it. If someone vandalized your business, you likely want to file a claim with your insurance company. Each of these matters can be difficult to navigate, especially if the insurance agency is not giving you direct answers and is attempting to deny your claim. Working with an insurance advocacy attorney can give you the reassurance and confidence you need during this frustrating process.


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