The Lasting Effects of a Turbulent 2020 on Worker’s Comp

By August 9, 2020 No Comments

As work-from-home took off in March, it radically changed the status of the American workplace – and with that the value and positioning of worker’s compensation.

A recent Deloitte Insights study took a look at how the future will be affected from the carrier side, but it offers an interesting look into how it might affect the employee going forward. 

The biggest prediction is that premiums are expected to fall significantly as fewer people are physically employed and the physical danger of working in a workplace subsides, at least in the near-term. 

Could Covid Be Claimed Under Worker’s Comp?

What remains to be seen is the “new normal” about employees submitting claims if they get coronavirus while on the job. Right now, the answer is “maybe”. Worker’s comp laws provide compensation for “occupational diseases” that arise out of employment (more here), but outside of healthcare and other strategic industries where high-risk exposure is possible, it’s unclear if the illness would be occupational enough, especially for those primarily working from home. 

What Changes Employees Could See in the Claims Process

With so many people working from home and efficiency being a priority across the board, those seeking compensation could enjoy a much more streamlined process with technology and less paperwork at the forefront.

The Deloitte study suggests that implementing new methods of processing is another way to improve accuracy and understanding while analytics could better anticipate client needs. 

There’s also going to be much discussion about the idea of “idle time”. Right now, there’s a rule change request in the works to account for employees who are being paid claims, but not working as it would change how employers are charged for general worker’s comp premiums.

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