Helping Northern Alabama Residents Navigate Mold Damage Claims

When you purchase homeowners’ insurance, you may not think that mold could really do that much damage. For most people, mold becomes a problem once it’s too late. It may take several months—or even years—to discover that you have a mold infestation, as the symptoms are not always clear. If you are battling damage to your house our business due to mold, your insurance may be able to cover the costs associated with the damage.

However, many insurance policies have vague or inconsistent rules about mold issues, so your mold damage claim may be rejected. That’s why Bevill & Bevill is here to provide you with clear and effective insurance advocacy for mold damage claims, working hard to ensure that you receive any benefits you are owed.

Common Challenges for Mold Damage Claims

One of the most frustrating aspects of navigating a mold damage claim is the time it takes to file, process, and resolve the claim. The more time the process takes, the more time the mold continues to grow, making the damage even more extensive. Additionally, many insurance policies take a tough stance on only covering mold issues if they are caused by other events already covered by the policy. For instance, if a pipe bursts and the resulting moisture causes mold to grow, you may be able to get the insurance to pay for the repair of both issues. However, if a simple maintenance issue, such as the failure to address a slowly leading faucet, or the natural humidity in your house, is the reason the mold began to grow, your insurance may deny your claim.

Preparing a Successful Claim

Even if you think your insurance will cover your mold issue because it was caused by a “covered” incident, you may run into trouble. You may not be able to justify the cost of the full removal of the mold, as your insurance company may insist that it will only cover the costs of repairing the main issue—like a burst pipe—plus the additional hassle of removing the moldy drywall. In most cases, the insurer will not agree to pay the full cost of ridding your house of mold, but there are ways to build a claim that ensures you receive at least some compensation. The experienced insurance advocacy attorneys at Bevill & Bevill understand how to communicate effectively with these insurance companies, and we will work hard to prepare a strategic and successful mold damage claim that increases your chances of achieving a favorable outcome. Contact us today to discuss the specifics of your situation, and we’ll advise you on the best path forward.

If your home or business has been damaged by mold and you need a reliable insurance advocacy attorney to help you obtain the compensation you are owed, Bevill & Bevill is here for you. Call our Jasper office today at (205) 221-4646 to schedule your free consultation.