Planning for Family and Dependent Social Security Benefits

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If receiving social security benefits is something you’re considering, or you’ve already begun receiving benefits, those you claim as a dependent or your immediate family may also be entitled to benefits as a result of your qualification. 


In Alabama in 2018, more than 227,000 retirees were claiming Social Security retirement benefits with an average monthly benefit of $1,379. 


In Alabama, any child or dependent (classified as someone you’re taking care of) under the age of 16 can receive a monthly Social Security benefit. The exact amount varies based on your total income and other circumstances. 


How Grandchildren Can Earn Social Security Benefits 


Benefits can also extend to grandchildren that are living with you, but stipulations are more specific. According to AARP, you must prove that the grandchild began living with you before he/she turned 18 and that you provided more than 50% of his/her financial support for 12 months before the month you became entitled to retirement or disability benefits. 


What to Know About Social Security Survivors’ Benefits


Some of what you pay into Social Security has been set aside for survivors of deceased spouses. According to the Montgomery Advertiser, these beneficiaries can include widows/widowers (including those divorced), children and dependent parents.


The Advertiser piece adds that the full retirement age for survivors is 66 for those born 1945-1956, gradually increasing to 67 for those born 1962 or later. Reduced benefits can begin as early as age 60 and age 50 for those with disabilities. 


If your widow or widower is taking care of a child younger than 16 or a child that is disabled, age restrictions lift. 


As with any income issues surrounding death or an estate, it’s important to instruct those handling your affairs to file for survivor benefits as soon as possible after your death. Survivors’ benefits take effect from the date of application and do not reflect the actual date of death. 


In any case, it’s wise to consult a qualified Social Security attorney to learn about all of your options and to determine a benefit strategy that’s right for you. Call Bevill & Bevill, LLC today at (205) 221-4646 to learn more.