How Telemedicine Could Change Worker’s Compensation Long-Term

By July 20, 2020 No Comments

The coronavirus crisis accelerated an already significant shift to virtual medical visits where traditional practices were streamlining their administration to cut costs and increase patient capacity.

Another area where this is set to take off is within worker’s compensation. The program as a whole is on track to see significant changes as more visits before recovery and throughout the process switch to a digital format, especially for recipients who may not or cannot leave their homes. 

How Telemedicine Could Change for Employers

Employers who were working to determine the cost of their worker’s compensation insurance could have an easier time looking at the overall price when factoring in telemedicine visits. Insurance providers are quickly speeding up the reduction of costs when it comes to these visits and it can often lead to savings and better care for the employee over a longer period of time.

It may also give employers a broader range of services and providers to offer to their employees.

How Telemedicine Could Affect Employees

Simply put, telemedicine very likely means faster service and better options for employees. 

Insurance Journal notes a number of scenarios where a digital visit with a nurse or other urgent medicine provider could be the first line of assessment in determining if the injury is appropriate for worker’s compensation consideration. The next steps would be determined from there, including the right care and clinical visits.

After a mode of care is established, follow-ups could be done virtually, reducing wait times and increasing the quality of care. This is especially pertinent for employees in rural areas or those without immediate access to healthcare services. As the story notes, it’s an attempt to fill the “gap areas” where access and travel are limited. 

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