Located in Cullman County, Alabama, the city of Cullman is located approximately 50 miles north of Birmingham and had a population of just under 15,000 as of the 2010 census. It is worth noting that Cullman is the county seat of Cullman County.

Originally inhabited my members of Cherokee Nation, the city of Cullman was built on land that factored prominently in the American Indian Wars. Indeed, Cullman has been involved in numerous military conflicts, including 1813’s Creek War and the Civil War. Cullman was officially founded by Colonel John G. Cullmann in 1873. Cullman spent most of the twentieth century as a college town.

Educationally, the Cullman City School System is comprised of Cullman Primary School, East Elementary, West Elementary, John G. Cullman Middle School and Cullman High School. Cullman is also home to Cullman Christian School, Saint Paul’s Lutheran School, Sacred Heart Elementary School, Saint Bernard Middle School and Saint Bernard Preparatory School.

Cullman’s sister city is Frankweiler (Germany), and notable residents include JoJo Billingsley, Wesley Britt, Paul Burnum, Caleb Clay, Jamelle Folsom, Morgan Smith Goodwin, Roger Hallmark, William C. Martin, Kassie Miller, Josh Rutledge, Channing Tatum and Holly Audrey Williams.

The Cullman County Circuit Courthouse is located at 500 2nd Avenue SW, Suite #303, in Cullman, Alabama, 35055.