Albertville is a city in Marshall County, Alabama with, as of the 2010 census, a population just over 21,000. Originally inhabited my members of Cherokee Nation, Albertville played host to numerous battles throughout the Civil War. Named after Thomas A. Albert, the first white settlement in Albertville was established in the 1850s.

On April 24th, 1908, Albertville was nearly wiped off the map due to “The Great Cyclone” (also known as “The Cyclone of 1908”). Emergency relief came via railroad (mainly from Gadsden) and the Alabama milita. 35 citizens of Albertville are believed to have been lost in the disaster.

Educationally, Albertville is home to Big Spring Lake Kindergarten School, Albertville Primary School, Albertville Elementary School, Evans Elementary, Albertville Middle School and Albertville High School. Notable employers include the Mueller Company, Wayne Farms, Pilgrim’s Pride, Tyson Foods, Mitchell Grocery Corporation and Newman Technology.

Notable residents include Edward Earl Carnes, Rusty Greer, Charley Hannah, John Hannah, Glenn Hearn, Angelea Little, Ola L. Mize, Charley Pell and Bobby Thomason. In 2009, Albertville’s city council voted to enshrine English as the city’s official language.

The Marshall County Courthouse is located at 133 S. Emmett Street in Albertville, Alabama, 35950.